'Kalank' is scheduled to be screened on 17th April. But now the date of the exhibition of this movie has been changed to April 19.

Due to the announcement by Karan Johar, the audience is eagerly awaiting the movie Kalank. Apart from Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Dutt, Alia Bhat and Varun Dhawan, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Kira Advani will appear in the lead role. The star cast of this movie is very supportive because the star cast has a lot of expectations from this movie. The film was scheduled to meet on April 17th. But now the date of the exhibition of this movie has been changed.

The film is going to be released on April 19, but not on April 17. It is a special thing to change the date of the display of this film. On April 17, there will be many holidays due to Mahavir Jayanti. It also has a Good Friday holiday on April 19.

The date of the exhibition of this film has been changed considering that these two holidays of the week will benefit the film's earnings.

Due to the release of the film two days back, Chanak will also have another advantage. Since the next film will be released on April 26 after April 17, the film will get nine consecutive days to earn on the box office. Avengers: End game-acclaimed movie is on April 26. There is a possibility that this decision has also been taken with the fear of the film.

Imagine the story of the film 'Kalank', which was conceived by Johar and his father Yash Johar fifteen years ago. However, this movie was not available for many years. The film's teaser has just arrived in the audience and the movie teaser is getting a good response from the audience.

Web Title: 'Kalank' which was released on 17th April, was released on April 19
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